Our Philosophy

New Now Design is built upon the cross-sections of technology and art, organic and inorganic style, and the physical and digital words.

Our pieces are original; conceived from our surroundings, designed in 3D modeling software, and printed by robots, and finished and assembled by hand. Our design process is iterative; we start with our idea and repeat production and design until we have created something beautiful, producible, and comfortable.

Sustainable Fashion

In addition to our combinative nature and careful design process, we believe in sustainable fashion. Because of the ever-changing nature of fashion and style, we use materials that are responsible to our environment.

PLA sheet used as a mulch film


Many of our products are made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is a thermoplastic made from vegetable starch. Besides being safe to 3D print from a fumes point of view, PLA is biodegradeable. After many years of enjoying our jewelry, if whomever has decided that our jewelry has been enjoyed long enough, it won't further pollute our precious earth. It can also be infused with materials other than plastic, such as recycled wood or bamboo.
Bales of PET bottles

Recycled PET

Another type of plastic that can be used directly with our 3D printer is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. PET may sound familiar because it what water and soda bottles are often made out of. These are the same bottles that are polluting our countryside and oceans. By using recycled PET, we can help reduce the waste harming our world. COMING SOON!
Aluminum can

Recycled Aluminum Casting

We can also use our 3D printer to create molds that can be combined with a metal casting process to make our jewelry out of aluminum cans. We are still working on the specifics of this process so stayed tuned for further developments. COMING SOON!

Our Story

New Now Design was founded in 2016 by David Rhoderick and Tamara Rahovic in Novi Sad, Serbia. The two met in David's home island of Martha's Vineyard and became an item after an incredible summer of work and fun. David visited Tamara many times in Novi Sad before eventually moving to the Balkans. Eventually, they decided to work together, combining David's love for programming and technology with Tamara's keen design sense. The fact that the jewelry is 3D printed symbolizes the connection between the two worlds–one digital and the other physical.

New Now Design gets its name from Novi Sad. It originates from an anecdote where a girl called into a radio station and translated the city's name from Serbian to English as "New Now". The actual translation is "New Plant" due to the city and surrounding area's fertile lands.

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